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Financial Roadmap

Starting today where do you want to go? When do you want to get there? Who and What are in your world that you wish to include in your journey?

retirement score

Pressure Test your retirement – Like a credit score, but for your retirement. Do you have any possible weaknesses and/or room for improvement in your retirement plan?

Family Wealth & Legacy

There is a difference between having your final wishes carried out and carried on – ensure the people and causes close to you can best manage your generosity

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Financial Planning & Wealth Management

Are you looking for someone to help you make the most of your financial situation? Are you interested in a personalized plan that is based on your personal values and goals and proactively addresses any possible concerns you may have? Do you need clarity on how everything works and how it is to be best managed into the future?

Insurance Planning & Management

Are you aware of the many layers to a properly constructed Insurance Plan and Portfolio? Surely you understand the importance of protecting Who and What are in your world, but has anyone ever told you how you can build and manage wealth through insurance strategies?

Investment Planning & management

Do you see your investment portfolio as a means to an end? If so, what does that look like to you? Are you confident it can deliver what you need, when you need it? Do you feel it accurately addresses and delivers everything you wish so you can be confident it will serve you best when needed?

Our Core Values

At Clarity Private Wealth Solutions, we are committed to providing personalized financial planning that truly cares about your future. We believe in transparency, integrity, and empathy, striving to empower our clients with the confidence and certainty they need to achieve their financial goals. With a focus on building trust and long-term relationships, our team is dedicated to guiding you towards a secure and prosperous future.


Joe Melson became our financial advisor purely by circumstance.  The three of us hit it off right away.  I was never interested in finances, my husband handled all of it.  Unfortunately, he passed away 5 years ago.  He always said, you call Joe right away for financial advice, he knows what he is doing.  

I have learned so much from Joe since I made that initial phone call.  He is indeed very knowledgeable, professional, caring, and extremely patient. He always explains things in a manner I can easily understand.  He never talks down to me or rushes me.  Thanks to all of these traits, and his understanding of my needs, he has been able to guide me through all of my financial needs.

With his continued guidance, I know that my retirement years and my estate planning will run as smoothly as my husband had hoped.  

Thank you Joe, you are 10 out of 10 in my books.

Thankfully, we met Joe Melson through a friend who is also a client of Joe’s and Lindsay Smith.

At the time, our portfolio was not helping us move in the direction we needed, and we were not getting the financial advice necessary. After meeting Joe our perspectives changed.  Joe impressed us with his vast knowledge of the Financial Markets and related Institutional Environment.  

He patiently explained how and why our portfolio was not working for us and took the time to recommend a solution as well as coaching through the step by step changes we needed to make. Joe had follow-up calls and emails with us to ensure we were heading in the right direction.  

In the end, we made the decision to switch to Clarity Private Wealth Solutions. With all confidence we know this was our wisest decision.  

Joe has proven to be the quintessential representation of an Institution’s integrity for client caring and advice.  

Since we’ve joined Clarity, they have helped us by recommending and implementing financial changes that have already benefited us and they have mapped out a plan by stages which has provided us with a vision and goal.   

Throughout all the ups and downs we have faced in our personal situation; Joe has continuously been available for advice and to serve as a sounding board.  We are grateful to know that someone with so much caring and integrity is there to help when you need it the most.  

For all you do, thank you Joe & CPWS, we are happy to know you.    


We met Joe along with his Clarity Private Wealth Solutions team at a Seminar in Huntsville.  My husband and I both have many positive things to say about Joe:

1) how he has helped us make significant changes to our financial portfolio

2) how he has taken the time over many personal meetings and over the phone to educate us about our personal finances

3) focusing on how we want to spend our retirements years

4) he educates us on today’s current market trends

5) He is an excellent listener and always able to reflect on what our needs are

6) reviewing how our investments have grown over the years and how this will provide us the retirement we want. He is always available to both my husband and I, helping us work through any questions or concerns we may have.  He is a terrific financial guide aiding us to make the best decisions possible which in itself is imperative as we are heading into retirement!  In summation, Joe has not only provided us with a wealth of information and guidance but also “peace of mind” knowing where we stand with our future.  Without a doubt, we trust his opinion and his recommendations.  Thank-you Joe!

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