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The four of us worked together at a national firm for a number of years. We enjoyed the security and support that being part of a large, national firm offered. However, as time went on, significant changes were taking place behind the scenes. We noticed that we weren’t getting the same support we once were. Over the years, and as times changed we felt we were no longer being seen as people, but more so as numbers in their corporate system. We spoke at length with each other and we all agreed; if we felt like that as advisors, how long would it be until our clients possibly started to feel this way as well? So, we set out on a quest to find a new home for our unique firm. We had some criteria that we all agreed must be met:

  1. we needed to find a brokerage that could support us in a meaningful way so we could focus on taking care of our clients
  2. our new brokerage needed to be able to offer the security of a larger firm but with the attention to detail that happy clients (and we) expect
  3. our new home would need to offer all the tools we need to employ the best strategies and solutions to our clients – we needed to produce the best financial plans for our clients and could not allow there to be any limitations at a ‘head office level’
  4. we needed to have access to the best in-class investment and insurance products to be able to deliver great results to our clients and meet or exceed expectations
  5. we needed to be able to do this all for a fair price to our clients

So, after interviewing with 7 different firms we had made our decision! We were very excited to partner with Investia (member of iA Financial Group) for our Investments platform. And we were also very excited to partner with Qualified Financial Services (QFS) for our Insurance platform.

Investia is a Canadian Investment firm with national coverage from coast to coast; so we know we can take care of our clients wherever their journey’s take them! Investia & iA Financial Group are also a major player in the Canadian Investment landscape with over $200 billion in AUM with 7,700 employees & 25,000 representatives.

QFS is the largest Canadian independent (family owned & operated by the way) MGA brokerage! Their mantra is ‘Feel like Family’, and they have built their business around this mantra. Their business model is to provide the best support and environment for growth for their advisors, and we are thankful for their heartfelt commitment to these values!

So as of June 2021, Clarity Private Wealth Solutions was born – and we haven’t looked back! By Partnering with Investia & QFS we are able to provide the security of the big institutions with the personal care of a boutique firm. We proudly run a Client Focused firm. We have structured our practice in a manner that may be different from what you are used to – we are designed to work as your complete financial services team, with our process Surrounding you for Success! We have specialists in place to focus on your client experience, investment & insurance portfolios, as well as your overall financial plan.

Our Values

At Clarity Private Wealth Solutions, we are committed to providing personalized financial planning and coaching that truly cares about your future. We believe in transparency, integrity, and empathy, striving to empower our clients with the confidence and certainty they need to achieve their financial goals. With a focus on building trust and long-term relationships, our team is dedicated to guiding you towards a secure and prosperous future.

We strive to provide financial clarity and confidence for Canadian retirees, family legacies, and business owners & professionals.

To serve where needed; everyone is different with unique thoughts, feelings, values, goals and concerns. We feel it is critical we help clients address what is important to them through deeper understanding and clear communication.

We focus on working with people that wish to work with people who care, and are dedicated to helping you make the best decisions in your life. We will help you create and manage the lifestyle you want for today and for the future. We will align your financial choices with your goals and values, while addressing any concerns you may have. We will work hard to provide clarity for your financial matters and give you confidence in your plan regardless of what happens in the markets, economy or this crazy world of ours.

We wish to be a force for good! We have all worked with great people in various aspects of our lives in the past. We can all remember how great it felt to know we were working with someone that actually cared and worked hard for us. We want to be that team for our clients! We want to use our expertise to help people and make a positive difference in their lives!

Joe Melson
Partner – Business Development

Coming from a Business Development background I understand the importance of laying out expectations and then delivering on them. Although there tends to be shared milestones across our society, everyone has their unique journey with their personal thoughts and values. I am always working hard to have a deeper understanding of our clients so we may be able to provide the clarity and confidence they need to know they have addressed any vulnerabilities in their financial plan while taking advantage of opportunities as well!

Lindsay Smith
Partner – Insurance Specialist

As the CPWS Insurance Specialist I cherish the meaningful conversations I have with our clients! I understand how hard our clients work to get their ducks in a row with their financial matters, and how important it is that we help them protect what they have worked so hard for! I absolutely appreciate the intricacies of putting the pieces together for their overall plan, and I am always excited to help integrate various aspects of the insurance world to help bring our clients the clarity they are looking for.

Dan Bazin CFP
Partner – Planning Specialist

I have spent almost my entire professional life helping people do better. For years I worked as a Divisional Manager helping Advisors develop into strong leaders in the advisory world with a focus on financial planning as a way to best serve their clients. At the same time I focused on planning with my own clients so I could provide the best value and offer the clearest path forward with the best possible results for them.

Kevin Bazin
Administration Expert

Kevin is our invaluable quarterback who coordinates all the behind the scenes goings on to ensure a seamless process for our clients while keeping us organized and marching down the field.

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